Typescript SDK for Docmaps

This typescript library is designed to provide core, highly-general docmaps functionality for ease-of-use in Typescript. It provides out-of-the-box validation of JSON-LD documents interpreted as docmaps directly. It is intended to additionally support validation of Docmap sub-elements, such as individual Actions or Actors that might be published separately from a whole Docmap. It will also be integrated into concrete tools such as a docmap-from-meca ETL pipeline and general visualization tools.


The core types are written using io-ts, whose expressive language defines codecs for validation, encoding and decoding of objects between various types.

These codecs are then used to extract the Typescript interfaces that most narrowly describe their parsed outputs. Optional fields are described using t.partial, whereas required fields are described using t.type. t.intersection allows both required and optional fields. None of these types will fail to parse due to extra keys present, but those keys will be dropped. We can disallow extra keys using t.exact.

Any codec can be used directly with a JSON string or any/unknown object to try and create the instantiation of the Typescript type. io-ts is designed to work with fp-ts, so you get an instance of Either which must be deconstructed by case to determine whether the input was valid. See examples of this in the typed_graph, where we use isLeft to check if the decode failed.

**For examples of usage of fp-ts pipelines with our io-ts codecs, review the ts-etl implementation.

Extended usage with typed_graph

Alternatively, the typed_graph class is used for choosing the codec to use based on the @type key present in the jsonld. This is mainly here to support to-be-implemented RDF use-cases rather than JsonLD use cases, because it only works when the @type field is set the input objects, which we generally do not expect except in Docmap and Manifestation at the moment. Generally I recommend you to ignore typed_graph until further development makes it more useful.

A utility function is available on the TypedGraph class that can ingest an RDF Quad stream and return a TaskEither that will eventually resolve to a JSONLD object or error. It is async, and not time-bound, and so is not recommended for production use at the current time. However it does allow type-safe extraction of Docmaps from unstructured in-memory triplestores, such as the results of a SPARQL query.


Documentation exists at ./docs/ and is served by github pages. Everything in /docs is generated by the command pnpm docs:generate. The inputs to the generation script include all Markdown and source files in this directory, and CI may fail if your PR includes changes to documented types or markdown and you have not run pnpm docs:generate. You can confirm that CI will pass from a given clean Git worktree by running pnpm docs:check (note that this will dirty your Git worktree).


For Code of Conduct, see the repository-wide

For info about local development of this repository, see


Packages are hosted on NPM and automated by senmantic-release (see repository root for more info).

Current next steps

Review the issues on this repository for up-to-date info of desired improvements. There are also expressive TODOs in the codebase. Here are some examples:

  • use more specific types in io-ts-types to validate that strings which should be URLs and dates contain their respective value types.
  • build out the typed-graph functionality to support parsing various types from streams.
  • validate the semantics of docmaps, not just structure (i.e., the first-step refers to a real step).

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